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Toe Walking

If you are noticing your child primarily on their tippy toes greater than 80% of the time as they run, walk or play it is recommended to get them in for evaluation. We will do an assessment of their movement that includes:

  • A detailed history about any difficulties you have noticed in day to day tasks

  • Thorough evaluation of their entire lower extremity to assess muscle length and tone

  • Rule out any neurological conditions that could be contributing to the toe walking

  • Discuss the role of footwear and easy changes to make around the house to encourage flat feet

  • Give multiple exercises and ideas to implement at home and school

Toe walking can often happen without cause and is described as "Idiopathic Toe Walking" but we want to ensure that we are able to keep the range of motion of the lower extremity. This will enable your child to not be limited in different aspects of play and ultimately avoid any need for bracing, AFO's or surgery in extreme cases.

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