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About Stork Mobile Physio

Stork physiotherapist supporting a toddler in their development for standing and walking in their own home
Stork Physiotherapist helping a senior straighten her knee while she sits on a couch in her own home.

Our Mission

Stork Physiotherapist laughing with a senior client while doing an exercise for her shoulders in home.

Stork is dedicated to revolutionizing physiotherapy by providing families with accessible and empowering solutions that integrate seamlessly into their daily lives. We aim to eliminate the challenges families face in implementing therapeutic skills at home, ensuring that every session leaves them feeling informed, creative, and entertained. Stork is committed to transforming the traditional approach to physiotherapy, making it a stress-free and enjoyable experience that prioritizes the well-being of families.

Our Values

Stork Physiotherapist aiding a toddler in home that is wearing boots for club feet with their mobility
  • Empowerment: Stork empowers families with tools and knowledge for confident integration of physiotherapy practices, fostering independence.

  • Accessibility: Stork makes physiotherapy accessible to all families, providing high-quality care directly, reducing in-clinic rush, and tailoring services to your needs.

  • Innovation: Stork values physiotherapy innovation, constantly seeking creative ways to enhance the therapeutic experience and stay at the forefront of advancements.

  • Family-Centric Approach: Stork tailors physiotherapy solutions to fit seamlessly into family life, promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness.

  • Informative & Engaging Sessions: Stork dedicates to delivering informative and engaging physiotherapy sessions for better outcomes and enjoyment.

  • Holistic Well-Being: Stork prioritizes the overall well-being of families, considering physical, emotional, and social dimensions throughout the physiotherapy journey.

  • Interdisciplinary Care: Stork collaborates with healthcare professions to ensure comprehensive and integrative care, connecting families with additional resources and providers for a seamless healthcare experience.

Our Purpose

Physiotherapist distracting mom and her baby with a toy while demonstrating skills in home to be used to help with torticolli

Stork exists to simplify and enhance the lives of families by delivering innovative physiotherapy solutions that transcend the limitations of traditional clinic-based sessions. Our purpose is to empower families to integrate therapeutic practices effortlessly into their home environment, eliminating the need for stressful travel, rushed appointments, and the inconvenience of disrupting daily routines. Through a special focus on pediatrics, Stork strives to infuse creativity, fun, and accessibility into physiotherapy, fostering a positive impact on the overall health and development of children.

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