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Welcome to Stork Mobile Physiotherapy, your trusted source for specialized in-home physiotherapy services in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our dedicated team is committed to optimizing environments for infants, children, and seniors, addressing concerns such as torticollis, head shape, developmental milestones, and various disorders and injuries. Experience personalized and convenient care within the comfort of your own home.


Torticollis and Head Shape

Having difficulty with your baby only turning one direction throughout the day or only sleeping on one side of the head? Noticing changes in your babies head shape?

Pediatric Physiotherapy: Gentle Head Stretching for Babies with Limited Head Movement
Pediatric Physiotherapy: Baby Crawling to Address Gross Motor Delays and Skill Development

Gross Motor Delays

Is your baby missing certain skills or falling behind where you think they should be? Are they hating tummy time, skipping crawling or having difficulty taking those first few steps independently?

Toe Walking

Noticing your child walking on their tippy toes greater than 80% of the time? Are they having difficulty getting down on their heels and needing constant reminders to walk flat?

Pediatric Physiotherapy: Baby Toe Walking - Addressing Difficulty Keeping Heels Down
Pediatric Physiotherapy: Baby Girl Playing with Toys for Neural Development

Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Do you have a child that has a developmental disorder or confirmed condition that needs help with gross motor movements? Cerebral palsy, DCD, genetic disorders, autism, ADHD and more; we have experience with a wide variety of conditions!

General Musculoskeletal

Recent injury during a sporting event that isn't healing like you hoped in either the upper or lower extremity? Something not looking right with your child's motor skills or having difficulty with gait? Not just for kids we cover a variety of injuries for all ages!

Pediatric Physiotherapy: Baby in Crouched Position Addressing Musculoskeletal Concerns
Senior Physiotherapy: Elderly Man Sitting in Chair to Address Mobility Challenges at Home

Healthy Living Physiotherapy

Having difficulty moving around the house or doing activities that used to be easy? Do your or someone you know have difficulties with balance and endurance increasing risk of falls while living alone?

Get to Know Stork

Stork was created to make families lives easier while leaving them empowered in their own environment. After working in a clinic for several years we consistently found that families struggled with taking the skills learned in a session and implementing them at home as the tools and environment were not the same. We wanted to create something for families that took the stress out of packing up the siblings, taking the kids to daycare, or having to travel 45 minutes for an appointment that felt rushed without getting the adequate time a family deserves. With a special interest in pediatrics, another goal was we wanted to be able to get creative and have fun with the environment you already have without the need for buying a bunch of expensive accessories. Stork wants to change how physiotherapy is done while making it informative, creative, entertaining, and making sure no question is left unanswered by the end of the session.

Meet The Physio

Justin Preniolso, Owner of Stork Mobile Physiotherapy, Holding a Smiling Baby in a Chair

Justin Prenioslo


Justin is a graduate from the University of Alberta with a firm belief in the power of education and exercises. While he is passionate about all ages of the population and many different sports, he has developed a special interest in head shapes and gross motor development.


Justin has been specialized in pediatric development since graduating and loves being able to teach families how to use their environment to incorporate exercises to make it less stressful and fun while doing so. Justin has had a vast amount of exposure to many different concerns including: torticollis, head shape, developmental delays, trouble achieving milestones, neurological disorders, toe walking  and various sport or age related injuries. Justin works with many different mom groups for new infants as well as closely with helmeting clinics to provide the best care he can. When not traveling to peoples homes, Justin also works in clinic at Summerside Children's and Sport Physiotherapy.

One thing Justin strives to achieve is to answer any and all questions during a session to work towards lowering the stress that many families are going through. His mission is to work collaboratively with all those involved including pediatricians, surgeons, family doctors, helmet clinics and many others. Justin looks forward to helping you adapt your environment to meet the goals collectively discussed in a creative and engaging way to make you feel empowered at the end of each session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special equipment?

Our goal is to get creative with the things you have to make the environment something that can be re-created when we leave without the need for fancy and expensive equipment. We also bring a wide variety of toys to each session to keep it engaging in case we need to spice it up!

How often do I need to book?

Although individual to a patient's needs, our goal is to try and spread out the visits as much as able by teaching you skills, exercises and education necessary to reach your goals. In our pediatric population this can be anywhere between 1-6 weeks in-between sessions to allow for natural growth and figuring out a routine.

Do you just see children?

Not at all, we do physio for the entire family no matter the age and have a diverse set of skills to help all types of injuries and conditions.

Do I need a Doctor's referral?

No, all appointments can be booked directly without the need for a doctors note. You are able to book online or can give us a call to answer any questions and book a session.

Stork Mobile Physiotherapy Logo: Expert In-Home Care for Babies, Children, and Seniors

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